Southwell Landscape Photography | Isle of Wight at night

The Isle of Wight is known by stargazers for its dark areas around the southern coast. Niton, Chale and Blackgang are some of the best locations to view the Milkyway with the naked eye.
O1521 Ventnor downs milky wayO1520 Star gazing at St Catherine'sO1496 Needles and the moonO1495 Hay bale Milky wayO1493 Milky way at Headon WarrenO1494 Looking-across Alum bay Milky wayO1491 Milky way at the Pepper potO1492 Vertical Milky way at the OratoryO1480 Lightning at Freshwater bayO1456 Calm blues - Brook beachO1467 Compton beach Milky way - Eta AquarlidO1455 Galactic view from Flower brookO1453-Milkyway-at-Steephill-coveO1454-Milkyway-at-Steephill-cove-PanoramicO1450 Altair star above Monkey rockO1449 Milkyway over Mermaid rockO1448 Albatross MilkywayO1445 Milky way above FreshwaterO1447 Godshill Milky way 2O1446 Godshill Milky way

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